System help pages

This is help documentation for creating and executing service contracts.

The system consists of several pages, each of which performs a different function:

  • Home -- the home page of the site contains basic information about the site and how to get started
  • Inbox -- the Inbox is where contracts that require your signature will be waiting.  Whenever a new contract is sent to your Inbox, you will receive an email notification. A user may simply click on the contract to begin the process of signing a contract.
  • History -- any contract with your signature will appear on your History page.  In addition, if you have created contracts, they will also appear here.  The History page allows users to track contracts that they have signed or generated.  The History page is also where users amend contracts, with a link that starts the amendment process.
  • Create new contract -- this is not so much a page as a button.  When selected, it starts the process of creating a new service contract.
  • Vendor application -- this option should only appear when not logged in to the site.  This is how vendors begin the application process necessary for them to provide services to Durham Tech, and be added to the Service Contract system.  Any vendor who wishes to provide services to Durham Tech should first complete this application.
  • Admin -- this page should not be visible for most users, only to the Business Office.  It provides views and reports to allow the Business Office to manage the system.